Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a therapeutic hypnosis technique for assessing and re-experiencing your past lives. Past Life Regression Therapy is used as a path of personal growth and healing. It can also help in finding out what your life purpose is or can sometimes help in finding solutions to some unexplainable issues such as irrational fears or beliefs in life. Some people also try it simply out of curiosity.

We all carry memories from our past lives in our Subconscious mind. Overtime, as we grow up these memories tend to fade away or bury deep under the new life memories. These past life memories continue to affect us or get triggered in our present life. These can be positive or negative. They can affect our relationships, behaviours, our health and our physical bodies. By Past Life Regression Therapy, I can help release these memories and their associations with present. Negative patterns are neutralized by healing the past and positive patterns are reinforced. It further helps in gaining a better understanding of current life and the challenges that you are facing.

Past Life Regression sessions are about 4-5 hours long, which include gaining information about your current life and what you expect from the sessions to come. Sometimes, the healing in these sessions is fast and noticeable; and sometimes it is subtle and the results may emerge over time.

Benefits of Hypnosis

Some of the many conditions that can be helped using Hypnosis are stress, depression, fear/phobias, pain, anxiety, panic, loss, separation are among the many.
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Common Concerns

People often bring some definite misgivings and beliefs in myths surrounding Hypnosis. Some common misunderstandings about Hypnosis can be read here.
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