Common Concerns

Some common concerns or myths surrounding Hypnosis are:

Afraid of getting Stuck in Hypnosis. This just does not happen. If the hypnotist stops talking, either you will slip into a natural sleep and then awaken normally, or will be aroused by the absence of a speaker.

Fears that the hypnotist will be in control of their mind and they will be made to do things against their will. A person, undergoing hypnosis session, is totally in control, can hear everything that is said, and can respond verbally and physically. The body relaxes as if asleep, but the mind remains even more alert. A person will not do anything under hypnosis that he/she would not be inclined to do normally.

Fears that they will reveal all their secrets. Since the person is aware throughout a hypnosis session, it is he/she who controls what will be revealed.

Belief that only weak-minded people can be hypnotised. Nobody can be ‘too strong willed’ or ‘too sharp’. The more intelligent a person is, the easier it is to hypnotise him/her. Creative people are usually better able to visualize and follow guided imagery.

Doubts their ability to “go into hypnosis”. Almost anyone who wants to be hypnotised, can achieve the relaxed state of hypnosis. The hypnotist and the person seeking help both work together to achieve goals.

A hypnotist has magical powers. A hypnotist is an ordinary person who has mastered the skill of using the power of suggestion to bring about desired results.

Benefits of Hypnosis

Some of the many conditions that can be helped using Hypnosis are stress, depression, fear/phobias, pain, anxiety, panic, loss, separation are among the many.
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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a technique that uses hypnosis for assessing one’s past lives for healing purposes or to find your life purposes.
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