Hypnosis and COVID-19

Hypnosis is a great supplement to the existing stress and anxiety caused by quarantine and potential illness.

Hypnosis and Covid-19

Due to the current COVID-19, everyone worldwide is overwhelmed with all the media information and the continuous threat surrounding social distancing, sanitizing and infection. All this results in increasing the levels of stress and anxiety in people. Higher stress levels caused by quarantine isolation or infection can affect the immune system in many negative ways. Higher levels of stress diminish body’s immune response.

To know how stress affects our body, lets understand the field of Psycho-neuro-immunology. It is the interaction between the psychological processes (our mind), the nervous system and the immune system of the human body. Our mental state affects our chemical balance, and our chemical balance influences our immune system.

Everyone needs to wash hands properly, practice social distancing, and take basic safety precautions to avoid contracting COVID-19. In addition, our attempt might also be to strengthen the immune response and prompt the body to respond in a more appropriate and balanced way. Relaxation returns the body’s system to its balanced and recuperative state. The process of relaxation and healing imagery used in hypnosis can certainly benefit to those who are suffering.

Hypnosis is a gentle means of guiding the mind towards positivity. It works by deepening and broadening one’s resting state to focus on a specific problem and its resolution by helping enhance control over their body responses. It teaches us to learn how our own internal resources can empower us to cope with stressful situations. This process may well support and complement approved medical treatments for COVID-19.

Hypnosis is a great supplement to the existing stress and anxiety caused by quarantine and potential illness. Hypnosis sessions can be taken remotely over the internet, which protects any potential harm to the society.

This doesn’t advocate for using any mental health process as a substitute for seeking the best medical treatment available. Clients should always be encouraged to seek medical treatment and follow their physician’s advice.


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Rubina Motwani is a Consulting Hypnotist and a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, affiliated with the National Guild of Hypnotists, USA and The HypnoBirthing® Institute, USA. She is certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy from the California Hypnosis Institute.

Rubina pursued her master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. She combines her counselling skills and hypnosis techniques in helping people achieve specific life goals and managing various problems in a better manner. In a hypnosis session, she can assist you, through guided imagery and visualization, to bring about a desired change in behavior or thought or physical well-being.

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