The Magic of Affirmations

The word Affirmation means "to make steady, strengthen."

Role of Partner

Affirmations are positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome self- sabotaging and negative thoughts.

Our words have energy and we can create a positive experience by changing our language. Our language reinforces our thoughts, behavior and knowledge.

Listening to affirmations gives you positive energy, positive thoughts and keep you energized. Repetitive use of affirmations can result in changes in behavior, actions, feelings and emotions. When we make it a habit to say positive affirmations to our conscious mind, our subconscious mind starts believing and accepting them as true reality, thus making you confident, motivated and stress-free.

To achieve a calm and positive mindset, sit in a quiet, comfortable and safe place. Start by taking some deep breaths, a slow inhale through your nose into your belly, and then slowly exhaling through your nose again. If possible, keep your mouth gently closed at all times. Now, say your affirmations out loud three to five times. When we say things loudly and repeatedly, it’s easier to imprint them in our Subconscious mind. Affirmations work particularly well alongside Visualization . So, picture the positive change you'd like to see and then say it aloud.

Remember, affirmations should be positive, precise, credible, achievable and written in present tense.

Some of the ways in which we can remind ourselves to repeat the affirmations are:

  • Make a garland of the affirmations and hang it somewhere you can see/read regularly
  • Make sticky notes and put them all around your house
  • Save them to your phone and swipe through them often.

Download 10 Daily Affirmations here: Garland of Affirmations


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