Benefits of Hypnosis

Some of the many conditions that can be helped using Hypnosis are:

Stress - It employs techniques to reduce stress, promotes relaxation and reprograms specific behaviour patterns.

Depression - It overrides the negative thoughts that contributes to depression, leads the way to a more positive outlook.

Fear and Phobias - Helps eliminate irrational fear of something such as spiders, dogs, enclosed spaces, air travel, crowds, heights, water, etc. May also help reduce fear of intimate relationships.

Pain - Controls pain in chronic conditions such as arthritis, back pain, reduces pain of surgery, injury or disease.

Self Confidence and Self-Esteem - Improves self projection, reprograms past negative behaviour, increases confidence and self acceptance, motivates in making specific goals, instills feelings of success / goal accomplishment.

Learning - Improves study habits, enhances memory and concentration, instills positive attitude towards learning and incorporates rewards.

Creativity - Releases blocked potential in the areas of writing, painting, or any performing arts, motivates production and promotes insight into capabilities.

Sleep - Breaks bad nighttime habits. Restructures pre-bedtime mental activity and promotes peaceful sleep. Improves quality and duration of sleep.

Anxiety and Panic - Teaches relaxation, stopping and replacing negative thoughts with positive coping statements and accepting all feelings and sensations.

Loss and Separation - Addresses physical symptoms of the separation reaction, removes blocks to recovery, releases pent-up emotions, heals emotional wounds.

Number of sessions and success may vary in individual cases. Some problems may require medical referral. I do not offer a guarantee or a refund.

Common Concerns

People often bring some definite misgivings and beliefs in myths surrounding Hypnosis. Some common misunderstandings about Hypnosis can be read here.
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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a technique that uses hypnosis for assessing one’s past lives for healing purposes or to find your life purposes.
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